30hp industrial rated diesel engine equipped with electric start and safety system shut down. Contact Strong Manufacturing for other engine options


Patented Contra-blend design, 5 cubic foot capacity, twin ribbon paddles with wiper blades, packing type seal chambers and support bearings on all shafts. Body constructed of twin, interconnected, horizontal drums. Mixer empties without tilting.
Options include, Adjustable packing with outboard bearings. Rubber or UHMW lining.

Water System

15 gallon Water Storage Tank with automatic fill valve, Manual discharge valve.
Options include, Hydraulic or PTO powered Water Pump, Digital Water Meter with manual reset.

Material Pump

#60 Progressive Cavity Pump, Chrome Rotor, Natural Rubber Stator, 5 cubic ft. Wet Material Blender, Variable Output 0-7 GPM with pressures up to 350 PSI
Options include, Carbide Coated Rotor, UHMW liner for hopper, Material Hose Pressure Gauge

Hydraulic System

Variable displacement pressure compensated hydraulic pump variable speed directional control valves, 30 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir.

Air System

Air Compressor capable of producing up to 15 cfm @125psi


Made of Tubular Steel, 4 Caster Wheels-2 Pivoting, 12”Tires


Length: 11’-4” Width: 4’ Height: 70” Weight: 2300lbs