Industrial diesel, Water Cooled, Equipped with Full Instrumentation and Safety Shut Down System

*Optional Engines, Contact Strong Manufacturing for other engine options.


Patented 12 cubic ft. Double-Drum Mixer, Hydraulically Operated via Mechanical Drive,
Counter Rotating Ribbon Paddles, Rubber lined.

*Options include, Adjustable Packing Chambers and Outboard Bearings.

Material Pump

#80 Progressive Cavity Design Pump, Chrome Rotor, Natural Rubber Stator, 12 cubic ft. Wet Material Blender
Variable Output 0-30 gpm @0 psi.

*Options include Material Hose Pressure Gauge

Water System

100 Gallon Water Tank, Manual Discharge Valve, Automatic Shut-off Fill Valve

*Options include, Hydraulic Powered Water Pump, Digital Water Meter, Analog Water Meter

Hydraulic System

Variable Displacement Pressure Compensated Piston Pump with Fixed Displacement Gear Pump, Hydraulic Oil Cooler, 45 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir


Made of Tubular Steel, Single Axle, 15″ Tires, Torsion Suspension, Electric Brakes, Running Lights, Ball or Pintle Hitch


Length: 16′ Width: 6’3″ Height: 9’6″ Weight: 5300lbs.