Industrial Diesel Engine, Water Cooled, Equipped with Full Instrumentation and Safety Shut Down System, Hydro-stat transmission.
Optional Engines, Contact Strong Manufacturing for other engine options.


Patented 27 Cubic Feet Double-Drum Mixer, Hydraulically Operated via Mechanical Drive, Counter Rotating Ribbon Paddles. Hydraulically Operated Mixer Door
Options include, Rubber Liner, Adjustable Packing Chambers and Outboard Bearings, 2-200 gal. foam solution tanks, 34cfm hyd. air compressor.

Material Pump

#100 Progressive Cavity Design Pump, Chrome Rotor, Natural Rubber Stator, 27 Cubic Feet Wet Material Holding Hopper, Variable Output 0-120gpm @0 psi.
Options include, Carbide Rotor, 27 cubic ft. Material Blender, Material Hose, Pressure Gauge

Material Handling System

8” hydraulic power auger with rectangular hopper on load cells with digital display.
Options: hydraulic dust control system, Ground hopper and auger, 5000lb. tension scale with shackles and NEMA 4 handheld remote with 25ft. cable.

Water System

Manual Discharge Valve, 2” Analog Water Meter.
Options include, Hydraulic Powered Water Pump with 200 gal. water storage tank, Digital Water Meter, Hydraulic pressure washer.

Operators System

Station located at rear of machine on platform above wet materials hopper, built-in toolbox. Includes operator chair, umbrella and digital scales for batch control.

*Consistent delivery of material is assured. Hydraulic auger-drive maintains a smooth, constant discharge rate.

*Re-filling won’t delay your other operations. The filling process does not affect discharge rate of material. Bulk materials are pneumatically loaded from bulk delivery trucks.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Oil Cooler, 120 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir, Variable Displacement Hydro-static Transmission with Fixed Displacement Gear Pump.


900 cu.ft. capacity. Made of Carbon Steel, Dual Axle, Leaf Spring Suspension, Air Brakes.

Dimensions Length

48’ Width: 8’2” Height: 12’6” Weight: 28,000lbsMGVW 58,000lbs for transportation purposes.

*Patented double drum contra-blend mixing action provides fast, efficient yet gentle mixing action. No more need to tilt mixer to empty, special spiral paddle design forces slurry out of mixer door in just a matter of seconds.

*Special design progressive cavity pump has gentle pumping action “minimizing aggregate breakdown” produces high pumping pressures and output rates at low pump rpm’s, resulting in longer component life and less maintenance cost.

*Machine is complete self contained. All components are mounted on a tandem axle trailer.